What Are the Best Email Service Providers for Attorneys?

The increasing importance of digitalization in the business sector has made electronic tools and services more influential than ever. Without systematic access to emails, running a firm or organization is cumbersome. The impact of emails can be seen in almost all facets of the business world including, the legal sector. Lawyers rely on professional email services to easily access and respond to their client’s queries.

Everything from collecting documents and information to managing communications and meetings, emails can help you stay systematic and plan everything on time. With the assistance of email service providers, attorneys can communicate seamlessly with their clients whenever they want.

What is an email service provider?

Email service providers are companies that allow users to send emails to various subscribers effortlessly. These providers make it easier for businesses and other users to create lists and send email campaigns. The two primary functions of an email service provider include:

  • Storing Email Addresses: With the help of email service providers, users can store a large number of emails and keep them safe for future purposes. Emails of regular clients or prospective clients that enquire about the business and its services can be stored safely for quick communication in the future.  
  • Sending Emails: Users can send professional emails to numerous people at once with the help of email service providers. By making list creation easier, users can address multiple people at once and send emails for faster communication.

ESPs also provide additional email services such as lead capture forms, A/B testing of email content, and website tracking that assist marketers to select and automate emails professionally.


Best Email Service Providers for Attorneys

Attorneys require constant communication with their clients. Attorneys can ease their burden of sending emails and keeping track of the emails sent to numerous people by using the services of an email services provider. Some of the best email service providers for attorneys are:

Microsoft Office 365

Lawyers can reap the benefits of using email services backed by a trusted name – Microsoft. Microsoft 365 offers complete email solutions for attorneys to help them reach out to new clients and stay in contact with current or previous clients. With a suite of apps and services designed to make your work easier, Microsoft 365 can help attorneys stay connected anywhere, anytime.  

With pricing as low as $5/month for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, up to $20/month for Microsoft 365 Business Premium, users can choose the best suitable plan for their work. Lawyers can opt for a free one-month trial to check whether the email services are compatible with their operations. If you are uncertain about which type of plan will suit your requirements, Microsoft has a free assessment tool to help you choose a suitable plan for your operations.  


  • Custom domain name: Whether you choose a basic, premium, or standard plan, Microsoft lets you create and use your custom domain name, such as yourname@yourorganization.com.
  • Scheduling meetings: You can quickly respond to invitations and schedule meetings using the shared calendar tool.
  • Systematic working: Using Microsoft 365, you can help create custom scripts, restore deleted accounts, and set up new emails seamlessly.

Solo attorneys can particularly benefit from the writing guides and quick start-up instructions from Microsoft and start using the email services anytime they want.

Google Workspace for Business (formerly G Suite)

G Suite email services feature HIPAA compliance, which is a crucial aspect for law firms and lawyers working in the medical industry. With Google Workspace, you get access to your Gmail with your preferred domain and various powerful applications, including slides, forms, docs, sheets, hangouts, and calendars. Users also get 30 GB of drive storage. You get a 14-day free trial to understand the value and features of Google Workspace.

With solutions focused on integrating everything seamlessly, you can get all you need at one place in a systematic way. Google Workspace lets you:

  • Connect with your clients and partners quickly
  • Access familiar tools such as Google Meet, drive, chat, and much more
  • Protect your information and data using reliable security and cloud features.

Other features include increased phishing and SPAM filters, smooth integration with commonly used applications, and intuitive admin controls. With prices as low as $10 per user/month, attorneys can use these services to stay connected with their clients.

Zoho Mail

Being the most interactive email service provider, lawyers and law firms can rely on the services and tools of Zoho Mail for all their email needs. Zoho Mail also helps its users increase productivity with an integrated system of contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, and tasks. Lawyers can also benefit from the robust features and stay connected with their team and clients.

Zoho Mail lets you keep all attachments and information organized in one spot, so you don’t have to search for your files. You can share, upload, preview and resend any email anytime you want.


  • Hassle-free migration: Using Zoho Mail’s migrating tool, you can effortlessly migrate emails from your previous email service provider. With the help of the Outlook Exchange server or IMAP/POP, you can smoothly transition to your new email service.
  • Privacy and security: Zoho Mails ensures privacy and confidentiality of your data by fully encrypting your information and using enhanced security measures such as TLS, two-factor authentication, and S/MIME.
  • Custom domain addresses: Lawyers can get their custom domain-based email addresses for themselves and their employees. Using advanced features like domain aliases, you can handle your custom domains like a pro.


Rackspace is an affordable and reliable email hosting solution. Attorneys can benefit from its anywhere, anytime access feature and 100% uptime guarantee. Rackspace features collaboration apps and robust email capabilities to help you communicate and collaborate more effectively. You also get a mobile Sync feature to your email, contacts, and calendar synchronized Rackspace on all your devices.

Other features of Rackspace email solutions include custom email domains, free and easy migrations, 24x7x365 expert support, unlimited aliases and group lists, easy recovery of deleted emails, and premium spam and virus protection.

Using suitable tools and solutions, attorneys can benefit from the various features offered by these email service providers. Using these email services, law firms can establish fast and reliable communication with their clients anytime they want.  Contact CNG IT for managed IT services that will help your law office run more efficiently.


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