As a lawyer, you know that staying up to date on industry news and legal trends is essential to your success. But finding time to read all the relevant blogs via search engine can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best legal blogs for attorneys. Once you finish reading this article, you’ll know which blogs are worth your time and where to find blogs that give the best legal advice, tips, and factual information to legal professionals.

What Is a Legal Blog?

A legal blog is a blog that focuses on topics related to law, lawyers, and the legal industry. These blogs can be written by attorneys, law students, or even people with an interest in the law.

Most legal blog content covers a wide range of topics, including emerging legal trends, newsworthy court cases, innovative technology in the legal industry, and more.

Some legal blogging articles even offer helpful advice for attorneys on everything from how to start your own law firm to how to win in court.

Why Should Attorneys Read Legal Blogs?

Regularly reading law firm blogs is one of the best ways to stay on top of changes in the legal industry. By reading these blogs, you can learn about new laws and regulations, find out about the latest legal technology, and keep up with changing legal trends.

In addition, reading legal blogs can help you network with other attorneys and law students, as well as stay up to date on current events in the legal world.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best legal blogs that you should be reading.

This list includes a wide variety of legal blogs, covering everything from specific practice areas to general news about the legal industry. Whether you’re looking for information on the latest Supreme Court decisions or want to learn about upcoming changes to the law, you’ll find what you need on one of these blogs.

So without further ado, here are the best legal blogs for attorneys:

The Best General Legal Blogs

Above the Law

Above the Law is a legal news and information website that bills itself as “the essential insight daily read for attorneys and other legal professionals.” Above the Law is also described as “the finest law-related blog on the internet,” conducting in-depth research, generating comprehensive report, hosting debates, and providing original

What sets it apart from the competition: Above the Law’s career center is one of the most popular services, with features like career blogs, expert advice, and curated content tailored to each stage in a super lawyer’s career; pre-law, law student, and attorney.

ABA Journal

The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal law blog is a must-read for attorneys. The ABA gathers analysis from over 4,000 legal blogs. Professionals in the field trust and highly respect it because it’s written by super lawyer who are experts in their fields.

What sets it apart from the competition: The ABA has a team of experienced editors, writers, and contributors. They also welcome insight, news tips, and letters to the editor to include as many viewpoints as possible.

FindLaw Legal Blogs

The aim of FindLaw is to make the law easier and more approachable for everyone. Their legal blog includes in-depth articles, news updates, and legislative material on a number of legal topics and practice areas.

What sets it apart from the competition: FindLaw debunks the idea that high-quality internet legal information is complex, pricey, or difficult to discover. FindLaw offers guidance for both attorneys and their clients by allowing them to use their client-centered muscles while browsing through reads curated from the client’s perspective.


The LexBlog is an excellent example of a legal blog that has grown from its beginnings in the early 2000s to have over 30,000 contributors from around the world. Even if you credit their early start in the game as a factor for their success and trust among readers, it’s clear that one of the best legal blogs is LexBlog.

What sets it apart from the competition: The ‘LexBlog’ resource center is a treasure trove overflowing with business blogs. It’s a little-known nugget that’s ideal for attorneys looking for social media assistance, blogging basics for their businesses, and more.

The Best Blogs For News And Current Events


SCOTUSblog, a blog dedicated to the United States’ highest court, focuses on what petitions to watch. Cases may be sorted by name or sitting, and one can follow the newsfeed for new developments. Additionally, the blog covers every merits case argued before the court three times: before argument, after argument, and after decision.

What sets it apart from the competition: Each weekday morning, SCOTUSblog offers a “morning read” list of news articles, op-eds, and other notable pieces concerning the Court. It’s an excellent way to get started on a busy legal professional’s day. offers in-depth coverage of all areas of law, including international and local stories. provides news on the United States, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Canada. Whether you practice in the morning or at night throughout the world is covered by

What sets it apart from the competition: Over 18 internet national and regional award-winning legal publications are published by Their ability to break news and developments is unrivaled.

Reuters Legal

Reuters Legal is a popular legal blog for news, which covers breaking legal news from across the world. You’ll find coverage of government legislation, litigation, transactions, and more.

What sets it apart from the competition: Reuters is one of the most respected news organizations in the world. When it comes to legal news, Reuters Legal is a go-to source for professionals.


JDSupra focuses on business and publishes material every day written by prominent business professionals. Learn more about cannabis banking, healthcare requirements, blockchain technology, and other subjects.

What sets it apart from the competition: To appeal to readers’ various interests, the content is split into three categories: corporate, small business, and personal issues.


The JURIST project is a public service initiative run by more than 80 legal students at 30 law schools across five continents. Writers contribute analysis on current themes in the legal field under the supervision of expert staff and academic leadership.

What sets it apart from the competition: The majority of JURIST contributors are law student, recent graduates, or professors, giving the site an academic perspective. They’re also a non-profit organization; there are no expenses like subscriptions and advertisements to readers.

The best legal blogs with a focus on ethics

Blogs on the site, like The Lawyer’s Guide to Creating Time Management Systems and Avoiding Traffic Jams While Driving in LA, CA., are written by Stacie H. Rosenzweig-an attorney with Halling & Cayo S.C.-and provide useful information about lawyer life and legal ethics. Blogs warn readers about the potential ethical implications of new technologies, such as using time-tracking software and AI in the law.

What sets it apart from the competition: The blog has a lighthearted approach to a serious topic, which makes it enjoyable to read.


According to a recent survey, 1.5 million daily newsletter subscribers, which is a good indicator that the site is a reliable news source for lawyers, executives, and government officials. Intellectual property, securities, employment are just a few of the themes covered by legal ethics-related material.

What sets it apart from the competition: With a focus on timely reporting, Law360 aims to cover the most legal issue/events within 24 hours.

The Ethical Investigator

The Ethical Investigator is a magazine dedicated to private company investigations. Asset search, due diligence, and other private corporate investigation issues are addressed in this publication. Writers discuss ethical aspects in investigations, data privacy, internet security, and other subjects on their blogs.

What sets it apart from the competition:The Ethical Investigator is operated by Charles Griffin Intelligence, a consulting company specializing in business intelligence. As lawyers themselves, the firm understands the ins and outs of litigation, and the ethics investigators must follow.

The Best Legal Blogs Focusing On Technology


Lawsites is a legal blog that focuses on technology and innovation in the legal field, and it does just that. Business resources for attorneys are just one of the many subjects covered by this site. Lawnext is Lawsites’ weekly podcast.

What makes it unique: Robert Ambrogi, the brains behind the Lawsites legal blog, is a lawyer, journalist, and media consultant. He’s well-known and highly regarded in the legal field. His illustrious career and expertise inform his coverage of all things that impact the legal tech sector.

Legal IT Insider

If you work in the legal IT industry, this law blog is for you. Legal IT Insider is a one-stop-shop for recent news, updates, and deep dives into the uncharted waters of legal IT, as it’s known within the field.

What makes it unique:The Editor-in-Chief of Legal IT Insider is Caroline Hill, a former City Solicitor. The site’s articles benefit from her professional eye, which has been honed by years of practice. Legal IT Insider delivers trustworthy and accurate attorney coverage.

Law Technology Today

Technology Today covers everything you need to know about legal tech, automation, remote work in the legal sector, and more. They also have a blog area dedicated to security, which includes an in-depth analysis of NFTs.

What makes it unique: With all-star contributors from every area, including technology and finance, they provide reporting from a wide range of viewpoints in a range of legal fields, including business and marketing to software.

CNG IT – Legal IT Professionals

This blog is devoted to helping Legal professionals be more effective and efficient in their work. CNG covers a wide range of topics, including: data management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, infrastructure, hardware and software, mobile devices, and more. We hope that you find this blog helpful and informative! Thanks for reading!

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